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Romney’s energy plan follows the money

Energy analyst Chris Nelder reviews Mitt Romney’s energy plan and finds nothing but an oil and gas industry wish list.” (Source:

How the fossil fuel industry won the energy narrative war and is now buying the next US President.. Get ready for more resource wars and climate collapse.

“… Romney received nearly $10 million from the oil and gas industry just this week. Romney’s chief energy adviser is shale oil baron Harold Hamm, one of his top super PAC donors, who stands to benefit handsomely if Romney takes the reins. Oil and gas employees and their families are the sixth-largest source of donations to the Republican National Committee, as Jim Snyder and Kasia Klimasinska reported for Bloomberg today, and the industry as a whole is the tenth-largest contributor to the Romney campaign. The fossil-fuel tycoon Koch brothers alone have personally contributed over $60 million to Romney’s campaign.”

Climate Change And The Next U.S. Revolution

"Climate groups cannot view their issue as separate from other groups that are organizing against corporate power. The social movements that have emerged to battle austerity measures are natural allies, as are anti-war and labor activists. The climate solution will inevitably require revolutionary measures, which first requires that alliances and demands are put forward that unite Labor, working people in general, community, and student groups towards collective action." (Source: CounterCurrents)

Interesting article in CounterCurrents on the effects of recent freak weather on American beliefs in climate change and the long-term implications for the US political system which is now completely hijacked by corporate interests.

In order for humanity to survive climate change, the economy must be radically transformed; massive investments must be made in renewable energy, public transportation, and recycling, while dirty energy sources must be quickly swept into the dustbin of history. “

Energiewende: Stoppt den Bioenergie-Wahnsinn

Kraftstoffe vom Acker können den Klimawandel nicht aufhalten. Sie verschärfen stattdessen das globale Hungerproblem, attestiert nun die Nationale Wissenschaftsakademie.” (Source: Die Zeit)

A comprehensive new study published by the German National Academy of Sciences concludes that "Germany should not focus on Bioenergy to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and GHG emissions". Germany’s Die Zeit has an excellent summary of this interesting "Bioenergy – chances and limits" study.

The study is available in German with an English executive summary.

One of the main conclusions: Germany “should insist that the EU 2020 target of 10 per cent renewable content in road fuel energy is revisited. Rather, Germany should concentrate on other renewable energy sources such as solar heat, photovoltaics, and wind energy, whose area demand, GHG emissions, or other environmental impacts are lower than those of bioenergy. Energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements should have priority.”

Climate change and the soothing message of luke-warmism

Luke-warmists” may be defined as those who appear to accept the body of climate science but interpret it in a way that is least threatening: emphasising uncertainties, playing down dangers, and advocating a slow and cautious response..

They are politically conservative and anxious about the threat to the social structure posed by the implications of climate science. Their “pragmatic” approach is therefore alluring to political leaders looking for a justification for policy minimalism. (Source: The Conversation)

Very good analysis by Clive Hamilton about some of the most influential climate policy critics.

Will Drought Cause the Next Blackout?

"Our energy system depends on water. About half of the nation’s water withdrawals every day are just for cooling power plants. In addition, the oil and gas industries use tens of millions of gallons a day, injecting water into aging oil fields to improve production, and to free natural gas in shale formations through hydraulic fracturing.". (Source: NY Times)

Good story in NY Times on how water problems will become energy problems.

New global food crisis and catabolic collapse

Severe drought in US – largest exporter of corn, soya beans and wheat – pushes up prices and revives memories of 2007-08 riots…” (Source/ The Guardian)

This recurrence of the global food crisis caused either by rising commodity prices or extreme weather events related to climate change is a strong indicator of the validity of John Michael Greer’s theory of the catabolic collapse of civilisations.

What do we do about climate change?

"To sum up, the existing economic and political system has proved incapable up to now of embracing anything like an adequate level of climate mitigation. It can be argued plausibly that it is already too late to prevent runaway climate change. It is certainly touch and go. There is nothing inevitable about the future. Nevertheless it is clear that we are entering a period of economic, social and political turmoil brought about by peak oil, peak debt and the decomposition of a political system that millions of people now regard as corrupt and not to be trusted. There is increasing recognition even in parts of the business elite that major changes in the transformation of the energy system are going to be needed and that it does not make sense to deal separately with peak oil and climate change." (Source: Energy Bulletin)

Brilliant must-read first chapter of Irish think tank Feasta’s latest book "Sharing for Survival" published by the Energy Bulletin.

The key idea here, to return to the idea of indirectness, is that climate policies need to be not just head on attempts to tackle climate change but ideas for society – for reconstructing energy systems, for maintaining macro economic activity and employment (if not growth), for expressing new ideas of social justice and also for making clear how we are going to look after each other.”

Where we wrong on peak oil? Don’t think so…

Brilliant response by Rob Hopkins of Transition Culture to George Monbiot’s recent claim that were were wrong on peak oil.

"The “we were wrong about peak oil” argument only really works as something to get excited about if you are a cornucopian who also believes that free market economics and deregulation is the key to economic growth and prosperity. It also helps if you believe that climate change is a scam…"

The melting north

"The shrinkage of the sea ice is no less a result of human hands than the ploughing of the prairies. It might even turn out as lucrative. But the costs will also be huge. Unique ecosystems, and perhaps many species, will be lost in a tide of environmental change. The cause is global pollution, and the risks it carries are likewise global. The Arctic, no longer distant or inviolable, has emerged, almost overnight, as a powerful symbol of the age of man."

Very good piece in the Economist about the opportunities and dangers of the melting Arctic.

Apocalypse Soon: Has Civilization Passed the Environmental Point of No Return?:

Although there is an urban legend that the world will end this year based on a misinterpretation of the Mayan calendar, some researchers think a 40-year-old computer program that predicts a collapse of socioeconomic order and massive drop in human population in this century may be on target” (Source: Scientific American)

Good article from Scientific American on the inevitability of our industrial descent and what to do: build resilience against the coming storms.


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