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“I suggest that the report illustrates the futility of relying upon the WHO to comprehend what is occurring, let alone to lead in protecting public health. This is important because the WHO is not just another think tank or academic institute; it is the appointed champion[xviii] of world health issues. If it will not speak truth to power[xix] for the European public –which means unequivocally rejecting austerity policies and growing inequalities in income and wealth as destructive of the social determinants of health- at this critical moment, there is no reason to expect it to do so as neoliberal governments continue to cannibalize their citizens to maintain a world politically ruled by a numerically tiny financial elite.”

Willy De Backer‘s insight:

Brilliant must-read analysis of Dan Bednarz (‘Health after Oil’) on the futility of the WHO’s critique of austerity policies and its impact on health. "The WHO abandons the European health crisis".

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