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“It may all sound far-fetched to you now, and most people will still cling on to the idea that “they wouldn’t do such a thing”. But that the IMF proposes it at all, and so openly, suggests that they might, if only they can figure out how. Not the IMF itself, mind you, they don’t collect taxes, but then again they have been involved very intimately with the EU, the ECB and Europe’s national governments, in for instance the Cyprus bail-in, which will in all likelihood serve as a blueprint for future “restructurings”.”

Willy De Backer‘s insight:

Interesting to see that this radical solution to the current economic crisis has been so little reported or that some (like the FT) who spotted the story hide it in a few lines somewhere. Was the press not created to be the fourth estate? Or has it become the storybook for the rich?

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