Kraftstoffe vom Acker können den Klimawandel nicht aufhalten. Sie verschärfen stattdessen das globale Hungerproblem, attestiert nun die Nationale Wissenschaftsakademie.” (Source: Die Zeit)

A comprehensive new study published by the German National Academy of Sciences concludes that "Germany should not focus on Bioenergy to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and GHG emissions". Germany’s Die Zeit has an excellent summary of this interesting "Bioenergy – chances and limits" study.

The study is available in German with an English executive summary.

One of the main conclusions: Germany “should insist that the EU 2020 target of 10 per cent renewable content in road fuel energy is revisited. Rather, Germany should concentrate on other renewable energy sources such as solar heat, photovoltaics, and wind energy, whose area demand, GHG emissions, or other environmental impacts are lower than those of bioenergy. Energy conservation and energy efficiency improvements should have priority.”