“Pirates are capturing Germany’s political system.” (Source: Business Week Bloomberg)

Just like the Greens in the 1980s, the German Pirate Party is challenging the established parties and party structures. But just like the Greens they will become part of the system if they win more influence. As I already wrote in the early years (1984) of the Green party movement, Michels "Iron Law Of Oligarchy" still applies.

Ther German press, especially Die Zeit, seems to be mesmerised by the new phenomenon, as latest opinion polls indicate die Piratenpartie would get over 13% of the vote in general elections and become third party (before the Greens and FDP).

Do they represent they first stirring of a new political movement, based on resentment and anger against the existing political order? Could they be the first political representation of the “Precariat, the new dangerous class” as described by UK economics professor Guy Standing?