"The growth paradigm, as I use the term, refers to the proposition that economic growth is good, imperative, essentially limitless, and the principal remedy for a litany of social problems. The growth paradigm appears ubiquitous, even natural, but it is uniquely modern." (Source: International Socialism)

Brilliant historical analysis of the paradigm of eternal, limitless growth By Gareth Dale. Very relevant for current thinking on the need for new one-planet economy.

The author also looks at what this growth critique means for the left:

How, then, should the political left relate to growth? If growth brings jobs to unemployed people it is a cause for celebration; if it increases greenhouse gas emissions we shudder at the implications. But the call for growth as such is in reality a demand for growth insofar as it is permitted by the existing mode of production. Demands appropriate to the left are specific and qualitative: the defence of jobs, of workers’ living conditions and their organisational strength and confidence, the redistribution of wealth and a “just transition