If you accept the proposition that societies and economies are heading off the rails, then here’s my hypothesis: we’re about to careen into a Great Collision — people bumping up against the self-imposed perimeter of their own carefully constructed lives; human potential crashing headlong against choices that make the least of it. It’s a collision of values against value. It’s a collision of preferences against expectations; the lives we want versus the choices we’re willing to make; what we give versus why we take; what we find in each other versus what we seek from each other. It’s a collision that’s going to happen inside each of us — and then, maybe, result in a collision that happens outside each of us. It’s a collision first of people versus the consequences of their own decisions — but then, perhaps, of people against broken, entrenched, savagely dysfunctional institutions.”

Brilliant must-read analysis by Umair Haque at the Harvard Business Review blog.

The great collision isn’t (just) tides of protestors crashing into barricades manned by helmeted riot police: nor is it billions of tiny choices to defect from yesterday’s broken institutions; to no longer play by a viciously exploitative set of rules that, if obeyed to the letter, will probably leave one broke, miserable, and broken. It’s not a global Arab Spring, nor simply the millions of human awakenings that must precede it — but a collision against the self that’s the result of an inability to rebel; the collision of the conformist with the need to create the future.”

So we need more than an “Arab Spring” or Occupy Wallstreet or any street. Maybe it is time for the big spring within ourselves, time to Occupy our own lifestyles.