Great analysis in Open Democracy about the false choice between EU federalism and intergovernmentalism and the need for genuine European politics.

At the heart of our dilemma is the historical failure of the European Union to legitimate the grounds for its own political existence.  In the past, Europe has relied almost exclusively on what Hauke Brunkhorst calls ‘output legitimacy.’ Europe’s citizens have supported supra-national integration because of what it tangibly promised them and, partially, delivered: reduction of barriers to trade, a unified market economy, higher rates of productivity, opportunities to travel freely, greater global influence.  We have, however, substituted the practical benefits of closer union for any real debate about the political grounds upon which that union must, in the long-run, firmly stand.  We have achieved a Europe of coordinating institutions and open markets but we lack a European citizenry, a pan-European, supra-national public sphere.”…  

"The incumbent task for citizens is thus clear: to confront the political question directly. The era of ‘output legitimacy’ is over. How boldly Europe embraces new forms of input legitimacy – in which we will have to supply the ideas and the future of Europe ourselves, democratically as citizens – will determine whether and how we overcome the current sovereign debt crisis, as well as our deeper democratic malaise."