“The tussle for the top of our Cool IT Leaderboard has taken its latest twist, with Google grabbing the top spot ahead of 20 other tech companies, including Cisco and Ericsson.”   (Source: Greenpeace International)

More interesting and depressing than who comes first in Greenpeace latest Cool IT ranking is the fact that IT’s energy footprint keeps growing and that the sector is not using its innovation power and its economic “clout” to push for more sustainability.

With the urgent need for cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions, tech firms are failing to speak up against that dirty energy companies guilty of stalling climate change policy debates at all levels of government. This is troubling; the IT industry is full of environmental rhetoric but simply doesn’t seem to be taking any real action. This is not tenable – the industry expanding too fast, and has too much potential for helping cut global emissions to just stand in the shadows.

Several companies dropped points for pushing vague plans to mitigate their climate footprint, and for the lack of any plans for powering their future data centres with renewable energy. To remedy these problems, companies need to become more transparent on their investments into IT solutions that work to mitigate climate change and future emissions savings goals.”