“Fossil fuel company executives and D.C. politicians have long worked together to ensure coal and oil prices stay low enough to keep Americans hooked. Here’s how we can break the addiction.” (Source: Treehugger.com)

Brilliant must-read article on the links between the oil industry and political elites and the effects of this unholy nexus.

Here are just two interesting quotes from this article. Please read the full article and be shocked:

We need an ‘Arab Spring for the Environment’”

“Americans are paying through the nose on their tax returns and health bills to help Big Oil and the political elite maintain the illusion that cheap, dirty energy is a bargain. But enough is enough, and time is of the essence. We’re paying for wars, pollution and handouts to massive multinationals—instead of allowing the free market to reward the innovators and industries that will lead us to energy security. To stop the vicious cycle, we must unravel and reset the rigged market for oil and coal, revealing their true costs once and for all. We must loose the nation from the stranglehold of its aging, fossil-fueled energy regime.”