“The new UN report on global sustainability signposts some of the big policy moves needed to drive the economy on to a sustainable path…”   (Source: The Guardian)

Simon Zadek evaluates the recent UN Sustainability Panel’s report in preparation for Rio+20.

Ultimately, the panel’s efforts are to be applauded. While not a finished work, the panel has done its job, and what was needed, in signposting some of the big policy moves, all perfectly feasible, which are needed to shunt the global economy onto a sustainable pathway.”

In my own reading of the report, the glass is not so much half full as half empty. Indeed, the report signals some of the necessary policy moves but still counts on economic growth to get us out of the unsustainability mess. As the Brundtland report before, this is not the blueprint for a global economy which recognises that we have overshot the planet’s limits to growth.