The United Nationals special "expert" panel on sustainability will present its final report "Resilient People Resilient Planet: a future worth choosing" on Monday 30 January. (Source: UNCSD)

The report gives recommendations for the UN’s Rio+20 summit later this year.  
Some of the ideas that will be put forward by the Panel are already known:

  • phasing out perverse fossil fuel subsidies by 2020;
  • appointing a scientific adviser to the UN Secretary-General;
  • establishing a broader index or set of indicators to supplement Gross National Product (GNP);
  • regular publishing of a Global Sustainable Development Outlook Report;
  • setting up Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  to complement the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs);
  • establishing a  new architecture for sustainable development, including replacing the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) with a Sustainable Development Council (SDC).