"Representatives from around the world gather in Rio in June to try to hammer out goals for sustainable development at a U.N. conference designed to avoid being tripped up by the intractable issue of climate change." (Source: Reuters)  

Reading this article makes you realise Rio negotiators have no clue on the real sustainability challenges.

Although it might make “diplomatic” sense to keep climate change off the agenda at Rio+20, the interconnectedness of the world’s sustainability challenges makes this a complete nonsense. The verticalisation or departementalisation of political problems at national government level as well as in international fora is something which urgently needs some rethinking.

Furthermore, when I read in this article the following quote from Brazil’s main Rio+20 negotiator, I have to despair about the ability of our political elites to understand the real transition that we will need to manage:

Sustainable development is an easier sell globally than climate change, even though sustainable development is a way of tackling global warming and other environmental issues, he said. Climate change is an (issue) that has very strong resistance from sectors that are going to be substantially altered, like the oil industry," do Lago said. "Sustainable development is something that is as simple as looking at how we would like to be in 10 or 20 years." (my highlighting).

Sustainability “easier to sell” because it is a “long-term” problem? Do these so-called “leaders” live on another planet? What part of of the “ rethinking our global economy, governance, democracy, growth and business to be able to operate within the planets’ limits” do they not understand? Do they not see the need to start the emergency preparedness now?