Forum for the Future Has an interesting feature on Jeremy Rifkin’s new book on the third industrial revolution.

Worth-reading to understand the future that will never happen.  

Rifkin has two brilliant talents. He is excellent at spotting societal trends and spinning "the future is bright" narratives around them. He is also very good at selling himself as a trusted advisor (see his work for EU Commission chief Barroso). But read his older work, especially the European Dream, and it is clear that Rifkin is no more than a modern version of Dr Pangloss, the tragic-comic character of Voltaire’s Candide.

To understand what revolution is really on our doorsteps, go for the work of John Michael Greer (“The Long Descent” and “The Wealth of Nature”). Then again, Greer will never make it to Merkozy or Barroso advisor Sad smile