Another worrying article based on the GreenBiz State of Green Business report showing that sustainability trends have gone in reverse as a result of the economic recession.  

"Cuts to environmental oversight–not just in the public sector, but in the private sector as well–were in fact much deeper than the average hit inflicted by the economic downturn. So when business started to come back to life a bit, much of the infrastructure to keep emissions and energy use in check had been dismantled. Initiatives that had been planned to reduce the use of toxic materials had been put on the back burner. And so it is that we wound up with a 16-percent increase in toxic emissions in 2010, and that the final figures for 2010 carbon intensity (a function of tons of energy-related CO2 emissions versus value of gross domestic product), show global emissions growing faster than the global economy.

“The results are the starkest yet,” Leo Johnson, a partner in the sustainability and climate change practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, said of the carbon intensity numbers, which his firm analyzed in its Low Carbon Economy Index. “For the first time we have made no improvement in our rate of decarbonization. We have in fact increased the carbon intensity of growth. The economic recovery, where it has occurred, has been dirty.” (Source: Forbes)