In a new article in the Climate Change journal, three researchers of Cornell University criticise the famous greenhouse-gas footprint study of shale gas done by Howarth and others last year. Their figures show that the greenhouse impact of shale gas is "half and perhaps a third that of coal." 

Andrew Revkin on his Dot Earth blog in the NY Times has lined up the arguments from both camps as Howarth has in the meantime answered the new study. Howarth still concludes: “shale gas is not a suitable bridge fuel for the 21st Century”.

It is clear that also in Europe the shale gas debate will heat up considerably in 2012. Even if carbon emissions of natural gas are lower than coal, will gas really replace coal or will we just end up with more gas AND more coal, and therefore more climate change? This blog will keep track of latest developments and policy proposals in this war of arguments for the “Golden Age of Gas”.