"Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is facing strong headwinds in Europe. EU member states have so far failed to translate an EU CCS law into national legislation. In the UK, a prestigious demonstration project has been cancelled. The European Commission still supports CCS, but sees an important role for it only after 2030. Too late, say beleaguered industry representatives. They fear that the momentum for CCS will be lost and key players will desert their CCS activities if policymakers don’t take firm action soon."  

Excellent overview of the state-of-play on CCS in Europe in this article in European Energy Review. 

See also in the same publication: “Finally, the plan for the CCS revolution”:

“European plans for CCS (carbon capture and storage) will require a network of 22,000 kilometres of CO2-pipelines to be built across Europe. The construction of this network, which will be able to transport 1200 million tons of CO2 per year by 2050, will cost some €50 billion. This is concluded by an international consortium of companies and research institutions, CO2Europipe, that has conducted a unique in-depth study to find out what it takes to build a European-wide CO2 transport network.”

Via www.europeanenergyreview.eu