Interesting article in Harvard Business Review on the economic costs of water scarcity and efforts by big companies to measure their "water footprint" and draw the necessary lessons.


Due to rising population, coupled with increasing demands by the agriculture and energy industries (often referred to as the water-food-energy nexus), global demand for clean water will outstrip supply by an average of 40 percent by 2030. While this reality poses grave risks to thousands of communities, it is also the driver of a daunting, and often confusing, economic dilemma which businesses must prepare for.It’s time for companies operating in the many dry regions around the world to equip themselves with the tools and mindset they need to navigate this new normal.”

“The leading water-aware companies may be better attuned to slowly emerging water disasters and best equipped to help reduce the gap between supply and demand. They will avoid business disruptions and build more resilient enterprises. They will also, by recognizing the true value of water, help protect everyone’s access to clean water. “