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Via Scoop.itThe Great Transition

Belgian banking and currency expert Bernard Lietaer and community developer Gwendolyn Hallsmith present some of their stimulating ideas on how to re-engineer our monetary systems for the sustainability revolution.  

A bit technical and out-of-the-box but the kind of innovative thinking that we will ultimately need. Much more realistic than the mumbo-jumbo presented by EU leaders as the "historical" solution for Europe.

The Terra system—built around a global business-to-business currency called the Terra— would provide a systemic solution to the foreign-exchange risks and simultaneously solve several other problems for society at large: (1) it would counteract the short-term thinking that is systemically introduced by the interest feature of conventional currencies; (2) it would reduce the compulsory growth imperative that interest generates; and (3) it would provide a countercyclical economic impulse that would contribute to stabilizing the world economy.”

Source: Solutions Magazine

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