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”The European Commission presented on 25 October a package of measures to support social entrepreneurship, reduce red tape for small businesses and make the extracting and logging industry more transparent in its reporting of activities with foreign governments. “

Read my critical evaluation of the Commission’s latest proposals on “responsible” business

This “Responsible Business” package is a strange mixture of incoherent and even sometimes contradicting policy measures. These contradictions were very present in the quotes from the three Commissioners in the package’s press release. Whereas Mr. Tajani emphasised the less red-tape initiative for SMEs and commissioner Barnier drew attention to the Single Market potential and the supposed positive impact of this package on growth and jobs, social commissioner Andor underlined “solidarity, sustainability, inclusiveness and integrity”. Clearly a package with “sweets for all” and open to multiple interpretations.
What is also quite remarkable is that the Commission still frames this new package within the CSR (corporate social responsibility) and growth narrative and seems to have little knowledge of recent progress in thinking and practices on the role of businesses in a resource-constrained world. Amongst sustainable business experts there is a growing shift away from CSR towards a model of Creating Shared Value (CSV).

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