Via Scoop.itThe Great Transition

The UK’s new political fight over its place in the EU might be an "absurd sideshow" but could also become the seed for a new European project.

“Over the next three years, as the dominant Conservative vision of what the UK’s relationship should be with the EU becomes ever clearer, as Cameron "sharpens his pencil" on renegotiation, it is vital that both Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband articulate much more forcefully the positive aspects of the EU, the benefits it has brought its 27 member countries and a population of 500 million and the much-needed changes they would advocate to help the phoenix of a New Europe to arise out of the ashes of the present economic conflagration.”

Interesting to see that the Guardian editor uses the image of the “phoenix of a New Europe” (see my recent post “Sorry Mr Monti but Europe will need a Project Phoenix”)
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