It is that time of year again. The time that anyone who has any influence (and the illusion of power) will want to be on the snow hills of Swiss Davos to show off how important he or she is. And yes, I would not mind being there myself but, then again, I probably do not have the story “Davos-man” loves to hear. Nor do I have the influence 🙂

This year’s Davos has as its motto “Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild”.

  • Rethink “business models, financial innovation and risk management”;
  • Redesign “institutions, policies and regulations”, and
  • Rebuild “trust”.

Wonderful how these PR companies always manage to find “3-somethings” for what needs to be done (yes, guilty myself too, this blog being called 3E…).

Problem is: there are a few RE’s missing if we want to have the correct diagnosis of our failing economic system and as every good doctor knows: without good diagnosis, no good medicine.

What about resilience (to the coming shocks of our “long descent”) and re-discovering biophysical limits to growth? After the “Great Reckoning” (Gillian Tett in the FT), maybe it is time to start re-questioning our economic growth paradigm and to review our concept of prosperity?

I wonder when Davos Man will have the courage to tackle those questions. Always ready to come to Davos 2011, Mr Schwab, to put these challenges to your favorite power elites! 🙂

On a serious note: Tim Jackson, author of the wonderful “Prosperity without growth” had a great article about the real big questions recently, appropriately called “Beyond the rhetoric”.