The American author and three times Pulitzer prize winner agrees with my analysis two days ago that we need a new race, a race to become the first low-carbon, low-resource country in the world in his latest comment on the outcome of the Copenhagen summit. Friedman argues that we need a new strategy to combat climate change, one which does play to the self-interest of nations instead of the moral arguments about global warming. He wants to replace the “Earth Day” strategy with an “Earth Race” strategy:

I believe that averting catastrophic climate change is a huge scale issue. The only engine big enough to impact Mother Nature is Father Greed: the Market. Only a market, shaped by regulations and incentives to stimulate massive innovation in clean, emission-free power sources can make a dent in global warming. And no market can do that better than America’s.

Therefore, the goal of Earth Racers is to focus on getting the U.S. Senate to pass an energy bill, with a long-term price on carbon that will really stimulate America to become the world leader in clean-tech. If we lead by example, more people will follow us by emulation than by compulsion of some U.N. treaty.”

That said, I am a bit less optimistic about the wisdom of the market and the vision of political leaders to see the light. Also, as a good American Friedman still believes green technologies will save the day. Maybe he should read 3eIntelligence a bit more 🙂