It is clear that the climate deniers (who are politically motivated and have very little real interest in the science) are winning the communication war on global warming. One need only compare the media attention last week for the “leaked emails” of some climate scientists (see my blog post “The Great Climate Email Swindle?”) with the alarming update of recent climate science by the Copenhagen Diagnosis.

Let me therefore guide my readers to some of the better coverage of this Copenhagen Diagnosis which indicates that the IPCC’s fourth assessment report (the next one is set for 2013) has seriously underestimated the speed of global warming:

The conclusion of the Scientific American article is worth quoting: “There is, in fact, a climate conspiracy. It just happens to be one launched by the fossil fuel industry to obscure the truth about climate change and delay any action. And this release of emails right before the Copenhagen conference is just another salvo—and a highly effective one—in that public relations battle, redolent with the scent of the same flaks and hacks who brought you "smoking isn’t dangerous."