• Interesting speech by WTO boss Pascal Lamy: “Climate first, trade second”. Talks about border adjustment tax and carbon leakage.
  • New French report on the impacts and costs of climate change: billions of euros will be needed to deal with the negative effects on water, health, biodiversity, energy systems, agriculture and forestry and tourism. For a synthesis (in French), see CDurable.info.
  • Bad news for gas producers? The International Energy Agency predicts that the demand for gas will peak by 2020 and there will be overcapacity and under-utilisation of pipeline capacity. Read the article in the Financial Times.
  • Is carbon trading the next subprime? Yes according to a new report by Friends of the Earth. Bankers and speculators, not the planet, are the real winners of the carbon market. The green group advocates a carbon tax instead of cap and trade. Good coverage in the Guardian and The Ecologist.