Government representatives, parliamentarians and business leaders of more than 20 countries will be meeting in Washington from 14-15 February to debate climate change and energy security.

Since the publication of the Stern report on the costs of climate change, the new majority in the American Congress and the recent IPCC report, climate fever has once again gripped global lawmakers.

In Europe, the European Commission presented an ambitious energy-climate change package on 10 January 2007. In the US, governor-“terminator” Schwarzenegger has become the champion of the environmental movement and in the Congress the new Democrats majority had led to no less than four new proposals for a federal cap and trade system. Even the green movement’s “axis of all environmental evil”, ExxonMobil has changed course in view of all the climate change heat.

The gathering of global lawmakers is supposed to provide input for the G-8 summit organised in Germany in July.

But will all these “Olympics” of climate change really make a difference? Or is this just some high-flying, carbon-producing climate tourism, which in the ends pleases only the athletes but leaves the world hungry for real solutions?