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The New Story of Stuff: Can We Consume Less?

“A new study finds that Britons are consuming less than they did a decade ago, with similar patterns being seen across Europe. Could this be the beginning of a trend in developed countries? Might we be reaching “peak stuff”?” 

 Interesting article in the Yale Environment360 blog: are we witnessing a decline in resource use in developed countries?

The article by science journalist Fred Pearce is based on a research paper by UK environmentalist Chris Goodall called “Peak Stuff”.

See also George Monbiot’s analysis of the Peak stuff study.

Lack of planning may spur resource shocks -McKinsey

* 3 billion to join middle class by 2030, spur huge demand* Long-term investment needs, short-term politics mismatched* China’s centralised planning to help fill gap"  (Source: Reuters)

Interesting new report by McKinsey – resource crisis needs more central planning.

In the 20th century, governments and businesses didn’t have to worry about resource productivity; they could focus on capital and labor. Over the next 20 years, resources must be at the heart of public policy and business strategy.”

Why is our consumption falling?

Via Scoop.itThe Great Transition

Everyone believes that consumption is out of control. But is it? From food to paper and water, Britain has gradually been guzzling less over the last decade. Why?

Exciting article in the Guardian: has the UK reached "peak stuff" and do we see the first signs of real decoupling between economic growth and resource use? Chris Goodall, Tim Jackson and Andrew Simms take on the debate.

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