Understand faulty thinking to tackle climate change

The amorphous nature of climate change creates the ideal conditions for human denial and cognitive bias to come to the fore, says George Marshall

Source: www.newscientist.com

This excellent piece in New Scientist explains why our brains are ‘wired to ignore climate change’. Is it Nature’s fail-safe against our human idiocy?

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Secular stagnation: Facts, causes, and cures

“Six years after the Crisis and the recovery is still anaemic despite years of zero interest rates. Is ‘secular stagnation’ to blame? This column introduces an eBook that gathers the views of leading economists including Summers, Krugman, Gordon, Blanchard, Koo, Eichengreen, Caballero, Glaeser, and a dozen others. It is too early to tell whether secular stagnation is really secular, but if it is, current policy tools will be obsolete. Policymakers should start thinking about potential solutions.”

Source: www.voxeu.org

Very interesting piece in Vox.eu about the new economic reality: slow growth. Fascinating to see how these economists keep ducking the real tough question: is it possible that we have entered the post-growth era?

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Sustainability’s strategic worth: McKinsey Global Survey results

Executives at all levels see an important business role for sustainability. But when it comes to mastering the reputation, execution, and accountability of their sustainability programs, many companies have far to go. A McKinsey & Company article.

Source: www.mckinsey.com

Interesting new McKinsey study misses the most important dimension: the acceptance of planetary and social limits to growth and how to adapt business to this sustainability imperative.

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France rebels against austerity as Europe’s recovery collapses

France’s finance minister sends tremors through European capitals with a defiant warning that his country would no longer try to meet deficit targets

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

Is this the end of Europe’s austerity fundamentalism? Don’t count on it. European elites don’t have a real alternative as they refuse to see that we have entered the post-growth era.

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Book Review: Is the Planet Full? edited by Ian Goldin

“Ultimately, Is the Planet Full? argues that the world we live in may already be overpopulated due to our current institutional arrangements failing to adequately manage resources in an equitable and sustainable way. Goldin and colleagues highlight that counter to popular opinion “the planet may be far from full” (p.228), but only if we address key governance challenges in managing our societies, economies and environment.”

Source: blogs.lse.ac.uk

Good review on a new interesting book about population growth.

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The Global Economy’s Groundhog Day

“Just as Bill Murray’s character could not escape Groundhog Day without radically changing his life, we cannot expect different economic outcomes without fundamentally different growth models.”

Source: www.project-syndicate.org

Good article by Ashoka Mody in Project Syndicate, criticising the belief that the global economy can return to the growth model of the past. Yet, Mody still thinks a new growth model is conceivable. What if we have moved into the post-growth era? Then we do not need a new growth model but a new model to share prosperity in a world with planetary and social limits.

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‘Responsible capitalism’ is nonsense – the left must offer a real alternative

“The fact is that the leaders of erstwhile socialist parties have been talking the talk of responsible capitalism for a very long time. It was how they covered their tracks as they retreated from offering people a way out of the rat race of capitalism – rather than compensation for being losers in it – even in the postwar era. Those who imagine that the progressive reforms achieved in that era stand as proof today that a responsible capitalism is possible are sorely mistaken. On the contrary, the undoing of those reforms after just a few decades shows that a responsible capitalism is indeed a contradiction in terms.”

Source: www.theguardian.com

Must-read article in the Guardian for anyone interested in the question why the Left is powerless and why it lacks a real alternative narrative.

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