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Sustainable cities must look beyond city limits

"City leaders aspiring to transform their cities into models of sustainability must look beyond city limits and include in their calculation the global flow of goods and materials into their realm, argue researchers in the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences journal Ambio." (Source:

Interesting analysis: if we look at the total footprint of cities, how sustainable are they really? Is urbanisation really the key to future sustainability?

And what about the social sustainability of cities in a world of increasing inequality?

New Inclusive Wealth Index shows lower growth and future risks for major economies

"Some large economies show significantly lower growth when natural assets such as forests and water are factored into growth indicators, an index showed on Sunday, a few days before an international sustainability summit starts in Rio de Janeiro." (Source: Reuters)

Interesting new report from two of the UN’s environmental institutions shows that the Beyond GDP debate needs more and faster progress.

Full report and the summary for policymakers are available via the IHDP web site.

Climate change targets should include emissions from goods manufactured abroad

Carbon emissions from goods imported and consumed in the UK are rising more quickly than greenhouse gases are being cut domestically, MPs have warned.” (Source: The Telegraph)

Very interesting report from the UK’s Energy and Climate Parliamentary Committee. Their recommendations, if implemented, would give a completely different picture of the country’s climate "achievements". Can the EU Parliament take a similar initiative to push for consumption-based emissions reporting for all 27 member states?

More background information and the full report are available via the UK Parliament’s web site.

Earth Hour dilemma: When the ‘like’ button harms the planet

While environmentalist groups have benefited from social networking, keeping the Web working emits a lot of CO2” (Source: Mother Nature Network)

Very interesting story about the contradictions of environmental online campaigning.

From the same article:

In emails alone, the typical officeworker is responsible for 13.6 tons of CO2 or its equivalent per year, a French government agency for energy efficiency, ADEME, calculated last year.

That figure is based on a French company of 100 people who work 220 days a year and each receive 58 mails a day and send 33 per day, with an average mail size of one megabyte.

By comparison, 13.6 tons is more than twice the annual CO2 emissions per capita in France and almost two-thirds of the average annual emissions per capita in the US.”


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